Sunday, June 24, 2007

I've been thinking a lot about the encounter with the drunk girl last night. Was she trying to hit on me? Did she interpret my response as a total lack of interest? And did she walk off out of embarrassment? That's how it seemed, and I know how it feels to be in that role. I almost never attempt to initiate conversation with women who attract me, so naturally I suck at it. And on the rare occasion that I do approach someone who attracts me, I usually make an ass of myself. Is that how she felt? Is that why she walked off? When I approach someone, I tend not to give up so quickly; I try to redeem myself, but I usually worsen the situation. Then the door slams shut forever. Well, I would have given the drunk girl more of an opportunity to accomplish her objective. I'm not so quick to judge because I know first impressions tend to be inaccurate, especially in situations like that, where
there may be a very large emotional weight complicating things. That's one thing I like about myself.

Drunk girl & hockey

A drunkish girl walked past me last night as I sat beside my gear at ComFest in Goodale Park. She stopped and said, "That's so hot." I replied, "Excuse me." Again she said, "That's so hot." I asked, "What is?" She then pointed and said, "That." I guess she was pointing at my backpack, but I'm really not sure, nor am I sure what she could've possibly meant by saying my backpack is hot. She looked kind of puzzled as she walked away. Then, when she was about 50 feet from me, she turned around and looked back at me, still puzzled. I guess she must have been hitting on me or something. I wouldn't know, though, because I am totally incompetent at both sides of that game. It was dark, but she actually looked pretty cute... They've been having the NHL draft at Nationwide Arena this weekend, right next to the park. Usually the arena provides a lot of the parking for ComFest, but that is surely
very limited this year. There are probably tons of people parking at least 3 miles away from the park.