Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Cast away

I got my cast/splint off this morning. The bone is still a few weeks from being completely healed, but it is much better than before. When they took off the cast, my ring finger was totally stiff and angled away from the middle finger (as if I was a humanoid TV alien greeting someone). An hour later, it's still very stiff, but I can move it a little bit.

My brain has recently begun mega-processing the sensory overload from my latest travels. This is tough because it floods me with a million "repressed" memories and emotions all at once, many of which are not pleasant, like much of what I witnessed in New Orleans. This is hard to explain; it's probably nearly impossible to comprehend if you've never traveled how I travel. I suppose it's something like PTSD because it is very traumatic. Seriously. Maybe I'll try to explain in better detail when my hand becomes more mobile.

Aimless Video Evidence