Saturday, May 10, 2008


Can't say what I'd like to say here because I don't have a computer, so here's the stupid, pointless, condensed version. I hope it bores the hell out of you: After walking all the way to Oxford from north of Memphis, I sat on a picnic table in "the grove" on the University of Mississippi campus. My objective was to see the most amazing girl I've ever known. That never happened. --> In the grove, a girl (Courtney) and guy (Josh) stopped to talk to me. Josh let me stay at his place that night. The next night I stayed at Courtney's place, but as a guest of her brother Ryan. Two days ago, as I walked out of Oxford, a guy named Robert offered me a place to sleep for the night. Yesterday Robert took me to Oakland. --> Today I made my way back north to Batesville, thinking I might just go home, then started walking south on I-55. After a few miles, someone stopped. It was Josh and Dorothy. Now
I'm riding to Brookhaven with them. --> This could have been very interesting if I had a laptop.