Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Jason Stanish

No ride out of Madison yet. I was talking to some truckers in the truck stop restaurant last night when one of them (Jason Stanish) said I was welcome to crash in his double sleeper for the night. We headed out to the truck a little after midnight and shot the shit until after 2:00. We've been hanging out shooting more shit all morning. It seems like I should be out there trying to get a ride, but Jason's really cool, so I don't mind neglecting my duties. Besides, I think he has said he might give me a ride if he can get something going west after he drops this load in Indiana. It sure is taking me a long time to get out west, but maybe it's not such a bad thing. I mean, everything I've done so far seems to have led me to the right places and the right people at the right times, so I don't force anything (except when I become infatuated with some chick). Regarding Lidia: I've just about
put her out of my mind. I'd still like to get to know her, but I'm almost past the point of caring.