Sunday, July 08, 2007


We entered California at about 9:20 AM today. At 11:10 we reached the Palm Springs Pilot station where Rudy Montez picked me up on December 15, 2006. (Should have been leaving Phoenix right about then.) Both of us took a shower there, and we intended to do laundry, but Pilot had no facilities. (That's where I took the picture.) I don't think I had showered on consecutive days since at least April 22. It was 102 degrees in Palm Springs. We left at 12:30. After passing a lot of familiar sights (like Jeff's old house), we made it to the Ontario TA at 1:50, where we were able to do laundry and eat Chester Fried chicken. Left Ontario at 4:15, with Los Angeles almost on the horizon; should be near downtown LA within an hour if traffic isn't bad. (Hey Luke: Don't you have a tournament coming up in Beaumont? Jeff used to live right next to that golf course.) ... We got down into LA at about
5:00. We're not in downtown; it looks like we're about 5 miles away: 3269 East 44th Street. Map it.

Phoenix Arizona

When we arrived in Phoenix last night, it was 105 degrees. Right now it's 90 (6:30 AM). Travis's appointment to drop the load was at 10:00, but because we were already here we were able to drop it first thing this morning. We were up at about 5:00 and we were finished unloading by 6:15. Now, as soon as Travis finishes the paperwork and stuff, we're ready to take off toward Los Angeles (Vernon). We'll be going through all the places I went last December, like Quartzsite and Palm Springs. (Quartzsite is where I dislocated my ankle.) Also, we're only 5 or 10 miles from the Pilot station where I met Earl, who took me to Memphis. (I think my ride with Travis will be longer than the ride with Earl.) Travis paid me $40 for the 30-45 minutes of work I did; I call that a good deal for me. He'll be reimbursed... It's interesting that I have now done work for two people, and both are named Travis:
Travis Beechler and Travis Brewster. I haven't met any other Travises.