Sunday, October 22, 2006

Doorway to the soul

One night about ten days ago I got something in my right eye, or so I thought. It felt like an eyelash or a small, harmless piece of random debris. I figured if I just kept blinking, the debris would naturally find its way out of my eye and everything would soon be back to normal.

It didn't happen.

For seven or eight days following the initial bout with the eye irritant, I continued feeling this uncomfortable sensation. The irritation was not constant; sometimes I felt it and other times I didn't. Sometime after the first day or two, I concluded that it must be a minor injury to the inside of my eyelid or something, and I waited for it to heal.

The irritation went away sometime Friday, but I began experiencing something different yesterday (Saturday). As of yesterday, the vision in my right eye is considerably worse than it was just the day before. As I sit here now, with my glasses on, I feel as though someone removed my right lens but kept the left lens in place.

This is not cool. I have felt nauseous, confused, and uncoordinated for much (or most) of the last two days. It is also giving me headaches.

I don't know what to think right now because I've never experienced or heard of anything like this before. I've been looking through a book that describes illnesses and medical issues, but so far I haven't found anything that matches what I've been experiencing. For all I know, I might end up blind in my right eye by next weekend.

What's worse than all this shit, though, is that my sweet little Pinkyman seems to be in his final days. He pukes almost everything he eats, and he's become eerily skinny. I've been fortunate to have him around for as long as 4-1/2 years, considering he has feline leukemia (and other health issues), but I'm not ready to lose him yet. I love the little guy so much.

Some pics of the beautiful guy:

Pinky in love.
Pinky really in love.
Pinky still in love.
Pinky done being in love.
I'll be away for a while, Pinky.
Pinky doesn't take shit from anyone.

I love you, Pinky.