Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jay, if you have 'Shout

Jay, if you have 'Shout at the Devil,' please make me a copy. I have that Danger/Hollywood song stuck in my head and it's rocking my ass off.

Morning in Santa Barbara

"Pleasure meeting you, sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar." I actually heard someone say that this morning at the Santa Barbara bus/train station (where I slept on a bench last night). I think it was a man arriving in a taxi, saying it to his driver. I can't help it, but that just seems so fake to me... I stuck a knife blade into that once-huge blister residing between my big toe and the ball of my foot. The goop oozed out like when you puncture one of those stretchy-man toys you probably had when you were a kid. I then cleaned both of my feet with Wet Ones and slipped on some clean socks. After cleaning up I walked a mile and a half up State St. It didn't do much for me... I found a Ralph's, signed up for a Ralph's Club card, bought a couple 8-packs of donuts, then bought a pack of smokes at a gas station across the street. Now I'm down to $22. Although I don't smoke much, it might
be time to quit smoking... As noon approaches, I'm looking for an on-ramp... Found one at 11:47.

I'll just spend the night here

OK, I lied. Instead of waiting until dark to leave the on-ramp, I left right after I sent the last blog post. I became determined to fill my belly at some point tonight, and I had a mega-jones for a KFC bowl. If I had received a ride, there would be no full belly guarantee. So I went to KFC about an hour before closing and asked if they'd have stuff to throw out at closing time. The girl said no--bullshit--so I went ahead and bought a bowl. Now I'm down to $29, 2 cigarettes, and about 45 minutes of tape. That means I have nothing, at least if I want to be able to do my job. I think it's finally come to the point at which I'll need to proactively acquire funds. I've thought about standing at the day labor pick-up spot tomorrow, but I probably won't. Maybe some other time... I'm having a ball, Luke. You toured the coast the boring way. You should do it again how I'm doing it. There are
just so many opportunities for adventure this way. After a while, you start forgetting where you are.