Friday, April 24, 2009

This is a real resume

On 3/7/09, at about 3:00 pm EST, I sent this resume to NBC, along with a link to GloZell's video, the WCMH interview video, and links to 4 "headshot" pics on the Aimless blog.

Headshot #1
Headshot #2
Headshot #3
Headshot #4

I sincerely appreciate your feedback. Now on to the resume.

Ryan M. Powell
1111 Road to Nowhere
Somewhere, Ohio 43XXX
614-XXX-XXXX (Home)
614-738-3867 (Cell)

To collaborate with NBC Universal Peacock Productions in an effort to provide a candid view into the world of hitchhiking by allowing their cameras to follow me as I explore that world and its inhabitants. Also to act as a liaison, opening the door for Peacock’s producers to enter secretive hitchhiking subcultures.

Between April 22, 2007 and December 19, 2008, I spent 388 days on the road, hitchhiking, walking, and trainhopping my way around 38 of the 50 states. I have ridden with 25 or 30 truckers and hundreds of “four-wheelers,” covering at least 35,000 miles on wheels, while walking another 2,700 miles. I have also slept in homeless camps and I once caught a ride with a well-known actress. Having deprived myself of all creature comforts to entertain and educate people, I will gladly do it again, given the right circumstances.

Due to my clean and presentable appearance, in conjunction with my outgoing personality and “street cred,” I attract characters from all levels of society. Wherever I go, people sense that I am both a storyteller and a story finder. It is nearly impossible to find these people by looking for them, but they flock to me and invite me into their worlds. I am your ticket to finding the characters you seek.

Additionally, YouTube viewers rate my road videos extremely high. Of the 13 videos I’ve uploaded to YouTube, only one receives fewer than 4.5 stars (out of a possible 5 stars). These high ratings suggest very clearly that viewers consider me a compelling character.

Aimless: The Adventures of an American Vagabond
The United States of America
May 29, 2006 to present

Job Titles: Hitchhiker, Trainhopper, Traveler, Host, Camera Operator, Photographer, Interviewer, Director, Producer, Editor, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Panhandler, Blogger, Author, Asshole, Angel, Eccentric.

Responsibilities: Don’t get killed and try not to go completely insane.

Achievements: I did all that stuff and survived. I have created something out of nothing, yet I am nowhere near finished. I am currently writing a book about my travels (32,000 words so far), and I may eventually use my 100 hours of video footage to make a documentary.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Secondary Education
Teaching Fields: Social Science and Earth Science
Earned a Grant-in-Aid

Columbus State Community College
General Studies
Dean’s List

  • I am personable enough to fit into everyone’s world, from that of homeless junkies to the nouveau riche.

  • I get rides with interesting characters.

  • I am funny and often witty.

  • I know how to survive via the unsolicited kindness of strangers.

  • I remain sober and drug-free, even when the tramping world kicks my butt.
Aimless Video Evidence