Friday, May 18, 2007

Haven't used tent the last

Haven't used tent the last 5 nights. Feels good to be back "home." I'm camping by a pond on FIU campus. FIU doesn't even know how kind they are.

Live from Florida International

I am now west of Miami, at Florida International University's library. I'm not supposed to be using their computers, but they don't have any special login criteria, like passwords & stuff, so I guess I win.

Don't know where I'll stay tonight. Haven't really gotten a feel for the area because I came here straight from the 8 bus. Additionally it is getting dark, so I probably won't be able to get a ride west on US Route 41 through the Everglades.

The homeless shelter wasn't bad. I think I slept well and no one bothered me. Also, there were a couple guys there who I met on the bus down to Key West, so that probably made it easier.

First thing this morning I walked about two miles from the shelter to the bus stop for the bus that takes you 50 miles to Marathon. The $2 bus showed up maybe 15 minutes after I arrived, and we proceeded down the road. When we arrived in Marathon, at about 9:40, I figured I might have to wait maybe an hour, tops, for the next bus to Florida City. But when I walked to the nearby gas station to buy some smokes and take a whiz, I asked the station attendants if they knew what time the next bus was supposed to come. They said 1:00. Fucking great! Almost a three-and-a-half-hour wait, after I'd gotten off to such a good start.

So I waited for a while before going to McDonald's to cheaply acquire some comfortable seating and AC. Then I went back to the bus stop and waited. It sucked. Finally the bus showed up at about 1:10. I waited almost three and a half hours for that bus ($1.85 plus $0.50 transfer for the 38 bus in Florida City), hoping to get the front seat, but it was already taken when I boarded the bus. One thing I have to say about the bus drivers around here: They can make it a little scary.

Arrived in Florida City at about 3:30. At 3:42 I boarded the bus and asked the driver for a transfer to the train. I expected it to cost me another fifty cents, but she just gave it to me. That was cool of her.

Let's see. What else did I want to say?

I want to say more about the planetarium thing, but that would take too long. (I only have 31 minutes left.) And I think I already made it pretty clear that I don't like Key West.

Man, it's really difficult to keep my thoughts organized. This really is a lot of work, and I'm in constant sensory overload mode.

I think there are real students waiting to use these computers, so I'm going to get off now. Hopefully I'll encounter another computer soon so I can continue the updating game.

I'd love to hear from people while I'm on the road. Feel free to call me at 614-738-3867.

The Quasi-Aimless Trailer

I've now walked over 200

I've now walked over 200 miles. Not sure of exact dist. Keeping notes to figure it out L8R. Outta Key W, waiting 4 bus back to Miami. Where next?