Thursday, October 12, 2006

Uhh, your voith thuckth. Uhh, huh huh

I know I already said this recently, but I really want to do voice-overs. (And I'm going to continue making regular posts like this until the right person stumbles onto one of them.) I had an idea last night that could help me put my voice to work as Aimless entertainment, an idea that could also function as a sort of voice-over resume. My idea is to make a short cartoon.

Making a cartoon surely is not easy. I have basically no visual artistic skills, so animation would be a bit of a problem for me. I know someone in Yellow Springs, though, who does animation (Marc Siemer), so maybe I could get some help from him. Also, thinking up a plot with dynamic characters and voices would take a lot of work.

Until I manage to make something of my own, I would love to provide some voices for someone else. I'll do it for free for the right person. If you want to see what I have to offer, just meet me for a couple tall beers somewhere (not Sam Adams, of course, for they have lost my business) and get me yapping. I'm usually a pretty quiet dude, but once you get me started, you can't shut me up. And if you can get me into that state, you can easily witness the beauty of my schizophrenic vocal cords.

Aimless (or if you're Creed, Ayalmlayalss)