Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Partnership for a Bullshit-free America

I'm beginning to suspect this NBC stuff is just another one of those three-part series they show over and over on MSNBC, with each part focusing on a different runaway or homeless kid. Actually, that's what I suspected from the very beginning, until I let my imagination go nuts.

But if it is one of those kinds of shows, why would they ask me for a resumé? I know they don't ask runaways and heroin addicts for resumés (or headshots or videos of themselves), so why ask me for that stuff?

Sometimes I wish they had just never contacted me. I was kicking ass writing a book before they called me, but now I've totally lost focus and I really don't even care about the book anymore.

Why is it so god-damn impossible for people to be honest and straightforward anymore? (Ahem... Missy Green.) Can't anyone recognize the fact that dishonesty is by far the #1 cause of our economy's collapse? Everyone's so busy trying to rip everyone off, looking for immediate payback on risky investments, instead of just doing shit right; instead of designing cars people actually want to buy; instead of hiring good workers and paying them what they're worth.

Well, I've had enough of this dishonesty and secrecy; I've had enough of the bullshit, and I'm not playing that game anymore. From now on, I'm going to say what's really on my mind when I write new blog posts. I'm going to be brutally honest, even when I know my honest opinions will be unpopular; even when I know my honesty may piss off some clueless TV executive, because honest programming is what people want to see on TV instead of the constant barrage of idiotic, fake reality shows and docudramas that last one season or less. Yeah, they still want their American Idol and Survivor, but the also-rans need to go away forever. People are ready for real "reality," without the bullshit. Bullshit has become passé.

Even though you, the reader, may think I'm an asshole for some of the things I say on this blog, the people I meet on the road don't think I'm an asshole. Most of the people I meet on the road think I'm cool as hell and they think Aimless is cool as hell, which is precisely why I ended up in GloZell's video and on WCMH Channel 4 (and possibly as an extra in a short film called Stitches). Bottom line: If Aimless was a series, the people I meet on the road would watch it (and I meet a lot of people on the road). Additionally, if the people I meet on the road are representative of society as a whole (which they are), society as a whole would watch it, too.

Peacock Productions: If you want me to be involved with your project, freaking let me in on it so I can help you make it happen, because the Aimless concept is money in the bank and I am your #1 ally, regardless of whether you ever realize it. But if you don't want me, tell me you don't want me so I can move on with my life. Or at the very least, give me a tiny clue regarding what the show will actually be about so I can decide whether or not I even want to be a part of it. In other words: have a little integrity, eh.

That's just common courtesy, isn't it? I mean, I gave you everything you asked for after only a few days, without even knowing what you wanted from me or what it was for. After two months of waiting patiently, is it really too much for me to expect the same kind of treatment in return?

I feel like if I keep waiting for them to get back to me, I'm either never going to hear from them or they're going to end up telling me they're not interested (after about a year, of course). But if I go out and try to move on with my life, getting a regular job and shit like that, they'll end up contacting me again, asking me to hit the road for their cameras. And if that happens, I'll either have to make another abrupt about-face or I'll have to decline their invitation. So my life is a total stalemate right now, and it's very frustrating.

The funny thing is that I've been paying attention to some of Peacock's productions lately, and most of them are pretty boring and manufactured. Additionally, they cost so much more to produce than Aimless or its identical twin would cost. Something like Aimless would cost almost nothing and it would be so much more interesting than these show ideas they are obviously pulling out of their asses and running into the ground.


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