Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blog help

While reading my recent blog posts a couple days ago, I realized something: I tend to write a lot about where I am and what's going on with me, but I don't usually say much about the people I meet or the things that happen around me. I concluded that if I was a reader of this blog, I would find it pretty boring and incomplete. I would probably think, "That guy (me) is pretty self-centered."

The problem is not that I mean to talk about myself all the time. The problem is that I have the wrong tools with which to blog. With each post I send from my phone, I have only 1,000 characters to say what I want to say, and I have to say it with a numbered keypad, not a keyboard. With only this method available to me, every blog entry requires way too much time and work, and editing/redrafting can be damn near impossible sometimes. Also, when I'm on the road, there's constantly so much sensory information to filter, it's difficult for me to recognize what's interesting and what's boring.

Considering these obstacles (as well as all the other obstacles I have not mentioned here), I have a favor to ask of this blog's readers: Whenever I write about something that sounds like it might be pretty interesting but I don't say much about it, call me and let me know you would like me to elaborate. (That is, unless you have an ultralight laptop you're willing to give me.)


I had a lot more to say about my recent trip, as well as some stuff about my time in Evansville, but I don't feel like saying it all right now. Hopefully I'll get a chance to say it later tonight or tomorrow. Also, I'll probably take off from Brad's house tomorrow. (Brad lives right down the street from a huge railroad yard. Wink wink.)

Until next time, here's a picture of Brad and his son Kam playing a wrasslin' video game.

Aimless Video Evidence