Sunday, June 03, 2007

Stupid cop

Below is an e-mail I received, apparently from a cop in Jacksonville. Which cop? I don't know; my paranoid ass can't keep track of all the cops who have never had the slightest justification to arrest me.

First Name: Deputy
Last Name: Dawg
Email Address:
City: Jax
State: Florida
Daytime Phone:
How Heard: I met your sorry ass.
Comment / Question:
Thank god your liberal ass is out of our state. Do me a favor, take your paranoid conspiracy driven ass to Cali and stay there. You are a two face person. I thought u were for real but your not, just trying to push your agenda. Oh, stay away from Michigan too. BTW OSU sucks!!!!!!!!!

* * * * *

I can't help it if your state is full of total assholes, dude. If you were not one of them, I probably made it very clear that you were not one of them. So if it bothers you that I think assholes are assholes, go ahead and be an asshole about it.

Yeah, I'm trying to push my agenda of doing nice things for people. Clearly that is too difficult for you. (I never claimed to be Jesus, so I'm allowed to talk shit about assholes.)

And use your real name next time, pussy.


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