Friday, July 21, 2006

A few things


I can't even remember what I was going to write about here. There is so much going on inside my head, it's not even funny. Oh yeah: My progress, Net Acceleration, and Twerky.

Let me start off with Net Acceleration. Glenn Shope and Net Acceleration are totally awesome. He has been kind enough to set me up with web hosting for this site because he gets it. He understands that I am passionate about Aimless, and he wants to help me nurture that passion. Also, I can only assume he understands how his assistance will eventually pay off big-time for him. I mean, he offered to host this site literally 20 minutes after I sent him an unsolicited solicitation for assistance, which actually kind of freaked me out. It just reinforces my belief that I will find people willing to provide the assistance I'm seeking. Some people get it; others don't.

Twerky. If you noticed the photo at the bottom of the "home" page, you may have figured out that my cat had a leg amputated yesterday. Poor little dude. But you know what? He doesn't care. I picked him up from the vet's today, and he's running around and "smiling" and happy as can be. He's a special little guy, and I love him.

I am tired from another 12+ hours of working for free, so I think I'll just skip the part about my progress. If you didn't already see this, here's Twerk yesterday morning before the operation:

[Twerk with four legs]

OK, for some reason this doesn't seem to want to show the picture. I know I got the code right, but it's still not here. Whatever. (All right, I fixed it. Man, I really don't like the html editor I'm forced to use right now. Hopefully by Monday I'll know how to get around it.)