Sunday, April 06, 2008

Hair gone

Did anyone think I was bullshitting about cutting off all my hair? I ended up cutting it entirely with scissors because the clippers just wouldn't cut anything; not even after I'd finally finished cutting it all off with the scissors. And even though the picture is from about five days ago, that's still how my hair looks because I haven't passed a barber shop yet. Good thing I have a hat. --> Here's the deal with going to Portland: I'm riding with a trainer named Pat and a trainee named Salim. With two drivers, we've been moving almost nonstop since leaving Atlanta. We're currently in Cheyenne, 1,180 miles from Portland. Right now the premise is that I'll be riding back to Tennessee with them after they finish their business in Portland. But who knows; I might just end up staying in Portland, then doing the west coast thing. I have 24 hours to think about it. --> I've decided I'm not
going to read blog comments while I'm on the road; not even when I can.