Thursday, March 19, 2009

Memphis reader and stuff

Hey you, the regular nighttime visitor from Memphis (or near Memphis): You seem eager for a new story. I feel like sharing a story from the road, perhaps something I was never able to thoroughly write about before. Is there anything you'd like me to write about? A story I never finished or any questions about the tramping life?

I've been in a stalemate with the book for a couple weeks. One reason is because I've been distracted by the prospect of being a character in a TV series, which I'm still waiting to hear about. The production company asked me to send them a resume, headshot, and video, which I did right away. (That's why I made the WCMH interview video.) Coolest resume ever, by the way.

Also, I have felt like total crap for a while due to sinusitis, which has given me a constant, horrible headache, toothaches, really bad nausea, disorientation, and general pain throughout the head region of my body. It's hard to think straight (or write) when dealing with this kind of discomfort. I saw a doctor about it today (yesterday), but I haven't picked up the prescription yet.

So what do you want to hear about, Memphis? Or how about you, MadTown? Are you still out there? (The visitor logs suggest you are still around.)

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