Wednesday, October 25, 2006

These eyes

As I've mentioned in two recent blog entries, my right eye has gone goofy on me. As of last Saturday, the eye just kind of stopped functioning correctly. Since then it has caused me lots of grief.

Well, as I watched TV last night without my glasses, I decided to check each eye's vision by blocking one eye at a time with my hand. Strangely, with my glasses off, I could see better with my right eye than with my left. Considering the fact that my vision was pretty much the same in each eye until recently, both with and without glasses, this didn't seem to make much sense.

So I went to see the eye doctor this morning. Everything relating to the health of my eyes is fine. I have no serious eye problems.

In the two and a half years since my last visit, the vision in my left eye has not changed. No surprise. But, as was clear to me several days ago, the vision in my right eye has changed considerably. I think the doctor said there is now more astigmatism than before. I'll take his word for it.

After my exam, I waited for them to cut me a new lens. Now, hours later, my brain is still getting used to the seemingly distorted information my eye is sending. But even though I know it may take a couple days before my brain starts interpreting things correctly, I don't feel like the whole problem has been solved. For example, when I hold my hand in front of my left eye, these words are still a little blurred in my right eye. It's way better than it was last night, but it's still not as good as my left eye.

I guess I'll just have to give it a few days.

The biggest question is: Why did this seem to happen almost overnight? Maybe it had already been a problem for quite a while but I just did not recognize it consciously until Saturday. Then, after becoming conscious of the problem, I began focusing on it constantly. I really don't know why it seemed to happen so suddenly, and maybe I won't figure it out.