Saturday, September 06, 2008

Another day at USC

Picture, from left: Gisela, me, Lindy, Jon. --> I watched the USC band practice again yesterday afternoon. They began learning more drill for their Stevie Wonder medley show, working mostly on the song that goes something like 'You are the apple of my eye,' and also learning the very beginning of 'Superstitious.' Early in practice, during warm-up, the band played Tusk. It was so awesome because although it may be Fleetwood Mac's song, it was USC's band that made it a great song, both on the Fleetwood Mac recording and throughout the years at USC sporting events. I love the USC band, especially all the school songs. --> There was a film crew on campus a few nights ago when I first arrived. I didn't know, though, until pretty late in the evening, when I walked by all the trucks and campers. By then it looked like they were wrapping things up for the night, but I guess they were wrapping
for good because everything was gone the next morning. --> I only have $7. Gonna fly a sign soon.