Thursday, August 17, 2006

Aimless and faithless

The search for sponsors is becoming very tiresome and frustrating. I've sent well over 500 e-mails--maybe even 1,000--to various businesses, organizations, and individuals, but not one person has contacted me regarding prospective sponsorship. It's really starting to make me lose "faith" in the competence of the American business community.

I could lie here and say people are standing in line for their opportunity to sponsor Aimless; I know most people in this situation would do that, as an attempt to create an illusion of demand. But I don't work that way. As I have said in a couple places on the Aimless web site, I follow a policy of honesty and integrity, and I am not willing to compromise those traits to trick people into sponsoring Aimless. Besides, if I did resort to dishonesty, I'd end up attracting the wrong sponsors. That's not my objective.

There are a million things I want to say here, but I'm having trouble sorting out everything in my head. Maybe I'll update this entry later or just post a new entry whenever I start thinking straight.