Saturday, June 30, 2007

Joplin Missouri

I rolled into Joplin really early this morning. I may have gotten two hours of sleep; certainly not as much as I needed. I already needed some make-up sleep before last night, so today hasn't exactly been fun. Mostly I've been sitting around at the Pilot station, not getting a ride. But I did have a nice multi-hour chat with Rece (pictured), who came in to Wendy's at least five hours before he was scheduled to work. I think it's cool that I am able to interact with people 15 years younger than myself as peers, not as kids. I have the same kind of thing with people decades older than me, too. Our culture places too much importance on age and age difference. Despite the fact that I haven't gotten a ride yet, it really hasn't been too boring or frustrating being here all day, I guess because I've had a lot to think about. I'm not sure what all I've been thinking about, though, other than
the molestation... Leaving Joplin a little before 9:00. Don't know where I'm going yet.

I'm not ripe

This morning my ride got a little fruity with me. I'm not going to tell the whole story here, but basically he somehow convinced himself that he had permission to fondle me through my jeans. Well, he didn't have permission, nor will any man ever have permission to fondle my dick in any way. After I calmly informed him I'm not into dudes, he said, "I'm not, either. I just thought we could get each other off." Um, I don't think so. Not even an attractive WOMAN would get a piece of me that easily. I didn't know how to react, but I chose not to be combative. Had I freaked, however, I would have been justified. As a guy, you just don't go around trying to rub other guys' cocks without clear permission, especially if you know they're fully hetero. And of course you don't go around touching women's "things," either... This is not a gay issue. I have no problem whatsoever with gay people,
unless they try to molest me... Most same-sex sex offenders are straight.