Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In pursuit of laptop

Having slept across the street from Best Buy in Metairie last night, I went into the store bright and early this morning because my brother and parents have been talking about teaming up to get me some type of small device with internet capabilities. My brother's old laptops are too heavy and the ideal laptop costs $1,800, so a laptop seemed to be out of the question. After a couple phone calls with my brother, we couldn't figure out what would be the best option, so I left Best Buy and started walking west. --> It turns out that Best Buy carries a small, simple, two-pound laptop that costs $400 and should suit my needs, so everyone agreed that I should go ahead and get that one. The Metairie Best Buy actually had this model on display, but I was long gone by the time I received the go-ahead. No problem, I thought; I'll just get one next time I see a Best Buy. But Mom called me from
Best Buy and said not many Best Buy stores keep that model in stock. --> I'm close to Baton Rouge now.

I love cypress trees.

I love cypress trees.

JJ, Denise, and Luke just

JJ, Denise, and Luke just showed up near the NO airport and are taking me to lunch at Ho Ho's ("Ha Ha's") Chinese buffet.