Thursday, June 21, 2007

Leg 2

Hey, is this picture any good? Did it even publish? As y'all may have noticed, my hair is now about six inches shorter than it was in the most recent pic because my mama done cutted it for me this morning. She had it looking pretty horrible there for a while, but I think she fixed it up nicely. I took the picture here in the waiting room of the doctor's office that botched my appointment, which I scheduled way back on April 27... I've been feeling a little bummed out lately. Don't feel real confident about the direction I've been going with this, and my people/social skills have been shit. I've made a total jerkwad of myself in the eyes of someone I really wanted to impress, and the whole mess bothers me quite a bit. So maybe I'm not as free as I've led on... I'm taking off again tomorrow, beginning Leg 2 with a weekend at ComFest in Columbus. I think I'll probably head really far
west/northwest when ComFest ends... (Radiohead rules.)