Friday, March 02, 2007

Trailer is almost finished

I'm pretty much done with the trailer; just have some fine-tuning to do before I make it public. Right now I feel really good about it, with the exception of maybe a few small things. I may not be able to polish everything as well as I'd like, but I still feel good about what I've created. Currently the trailer is six minutes and twenty-eight seconds long, but it will end up a little closer to 7:00 after I add some text to the end.

One thing I really like is that the final clip is very deceptive, however unintentional. It is probably the best footage I have of me talking to the camera. Unlike much of the other footage of me talking to the camera, this footage feels like I didn't even know the camera was on (even though I was holding the camera an arm's length in front of myself). It's as if I was just thinking, but my thoughts made it onto a videotape. The best thing about it is that I can feel a lot of empathy for the guy who happens to be me. And if I can feel that kind of empathy, I can only imagine what someone else might feel, especially someone who doesn't already know the outcome.

The trailer is almost entirely in chronological order. I guess it's actually something in between a trailer and a mini documentary. I don't want to talk about it anymore right now because I'm going to end up spoiling it for someone.


Referral spam: Please help!

If anyone knows how to combat referral spam (or referrer spam), please help me. I spend about an hour every day sorting through my referrer logs and adding new misspellings and whatnot to my .htaccess file, but it obviously does not work. It does drive away all the "referrers" with URLs containing the words and letter combinations I've added to the .htaccess file, but they come up with 50 to 100 new ones almost every day. After only a month, my .htaccess file is getting HUGE.

I really don't understand why they put so much effort into targeting this blog. I mean, I don't have a "recent referrers" list and I don't follow the links to their bogus web sites.

Someone please help!!! Thank you.