Thursday, October 05, 2006

Stay tuned... Maybe

So much to say. So many people who don't give a fuck about what I have to say.

It just occurred to me a couple days ago that my parents have not shown the slightest bit of interest in Aimless. In the 4+ months since I began this project, they haven't asked if there is any way they can help. They haven't asked me the URL of the Aimless web site. My dad has not even offered to let me look at the owner's manual for his Canon GL2, which, as I've told him, is one of two camcorder models I've considered using.

Could I possibly expect anything less from them?

I intended from the very beginning for Aimless to be an extremely difficult test. One of my main objectives was to improve my communication skills. I figured poor communication must be the biggest reason I have not succeeded in the labor force. But I was wrong; I communicate just fine. I don't fit into the labor force because I am honest, I have integrity, and I refuse to compromise those assets for anything.

I have purposely not asked my parents for any help with Aimless because my original objectives dictated that I could not take advantage of my family's "middle class" status. Aimless was not supposed to be about some spoiled brat getting everything from Mommy and Daddy; it was supposed to be about making something out of nothing.

Now I have a new objective: To find out if my parents (or anyone else in my family) believe(s) in me enough to hook me up with the stuff I need for Aimless.

I already know it'll never happen, but I'm posing the challenge anyway. The most interesting part of this challenge is seeing how long it will take before anyone in my family even finds out about this challenge. Y'see, I'm not going to tell them about it; they have to find their way to this blog entry and find out about it for themselves. But since they have never cared what's going on in my life, I already know they will never see this. (That is, unless someone like Jay directs them to it. So don't do it, Jay.)

This challenge to my family does not negate any of the premises I've already established on either the About Aimless page or the Sponsor Aimless page. Sponsorship of Aimless is still an option for anyone with enough insight to recognize how I can turn their money into more money, including the Boston Beer Company, Mark Cuban, Barbara Ehrenreich, and anyone else I may have contacted about sponsorship.

And you know what, Boston Beer Company: The way things stand right now, I'll never buy another bottle of Sam Adams, just because you didn't buy into Aimless. That may not seem like anything significant, but it will end up costing the Boston Beer Company a lot more money than sponsorship of Aimless would have cost, even if Aimless had turned out to be a total disaster.

Mark and Barb: You just keep yapping your yappity yap yaps. You are both fakes. If not, prove it; put your money where your mouth is. I dare you. You might actually gain something from investing in your supposed causes, whether you invest in me or anyone else you claim to represent.

(Update - 10/06/2006: I don't really mean that; at least what I said in the beginning of the paragraph. But I am disappointed that neither of them has responded in any way. Especially Barbara, because her rhetoric almost completely mirrors my own thoughts and words. It's time to stop talking and start doing, Barbara. You talk and talk and talk about equality, but it takes action and sacrifice to make a difference. It takes giving to make a difference, and Aimless is a fantastic starting point because I want to use the eventual success of Aimless to help people less fortunate than myself. But I need someone like you to help me before I can do anything for anyone. It would be in your best interest to assist me, Barb and Mark.)

Finally, to Jay (aka Docrivs), Betty, and Glenn Shope (of Net Acceleration): I consider myself in debt to y'all. If I manage to succeed with Aimless, you'll get a lot more from me than you ever expected. I sincerely appreciate your support, and I hope you'll continue to spread the word about Aimless.