Friday, May 16, 2008

I just watched (and taped)

I just watched (and taped) a snake as it committed suicide in the road. Don't know what kind of snake; pretty sure it was not venomous.

Leaving Houma

Jen slept on the other couch at Erik and Aaron's place last night. At about noon Jen treated me to lunch at a KFC/Taco Bell hybrid, then took me to a small truck stop at the Bayou Blue Road exit off US 90 (future I-49). It's raining and otherwise dreary right now, so I'm just hanging out. I figure I'll make my way back to New Orleans before heading west along I-10, but who knows; I might just end up going west from here. --> Happy birthday Jen! --> Thank you Jen, Craig, Tanya, Erik, Aaron, and everyone else. --> I have long since run out of the money I started with, but I have not been in any kind of desperate position yet. Also, I have only used 4.5 tapes so far. I don't know if it's because I haven't been in many interesting situations or because I don't feel like sacrificing the experience of an epic journey. Probably a little of both. --> The combination of mosquitoes, heat, and
humidity will probably force me to leave Louisiana sooner than I really want to. It's almost Texas time.


I got a ride to Houma Wednesday with a really cool guy [from Florida] named Bubba. He dropped me off outside Houma's really awesome library, where I met reference librarian Craig and staffer Jen. After talking to them for a while, Craig said I could camp outside his house and Jen said she could take me most of the way to New Orleans the next morning (yesterday). --> Yesterday morning Jen and her friend Erik picked me up and took me toward New Orleans. After selling his pickup to someone in a parking lot, Erik got into Jen's car and we all went to New Orleans. We stopped on Bourbon Street for a quick slice of pizza, then headed toward the 9th Ward to see the devastation. (Without a computer I can't even begin to describe what that was like.) --> I ended up going back to Houma with them, where we hung out all day at Erik's place with roommate Aaron, cousin Emily, and the sheriff's deputy
from a few doors down. Last night I had a really cool conversation with Aaron, then slept on a couch.