Monday, April 27, 2009

I love GloZell

I never told you GloZell stopped attending the Tonight Show (after over two years of perfect attendance). Yeah, I found out the day after Election Day (November 5, 2008), when I returned to Burbank. Armed with two tickets for that night's show, I walked up to the line at about noon or 1:00, expecting to surprise GloZell, but she wasn't there. Max (the crazy guy) was there, though.

When I approached Max to find out why GloZell wasn't in her normal position at the front of the line, he became all cryptic. He acted like something big had gone down, but he wouldn't just tell me what happened. Instead of cooperating with me, he told me to read her blog. He also said something about the Screen Actors Guild, which made me wonder if maybe she got a big Hollywood break or something. But when I stumbled upon the Burbank library, I found out otherwise.

Digging through GloZell's blog, not even knowing what I was looking for, I eventually found out she had been 86ed from the Tonight Show in mid/late September, only a few days after I disappeared. Apparently one of her blog posts really weirded Jay Leno out (or weirded out someone at NBC). I don't know why; the girl is harmless. But then I don't know why NBC still hasn't gotten back to me about this doc series thing. I mean, something like Aimless would be very inexpensive to produce, and it would be 100 times more entertaining than most of the idiotic crap on TV these days.

I can't figure out why GloZell is not famous, or at least on her way to becoming famous. She is personable, funny, witty, camera-friendly, fearless, and so many other things. (Tons of other videos on her YouTube profile.)

Here are GloZell's blog posts from the days she and I hung out at the Tonight Show:
Tuesday, September 16
Wednesday, September 17
Thursday, September 18
Friday, September 19 - This one is the best. (Read patiently or scroll down.) I like Wednesday's post, too. Just check out all of them.

Aimless Video Evidence