Monday, June 25, 2007

Forget her

I'm hanging out at Jay's condo in downtown Columbus today, now alone because he just went to work at Mac's Cafe. Mac's hamburgers totally rule. Jay treated me to one of them yesterday. It was the first hamburger I've had there in at least a year (because I uncharacteristically ordered fish & chips Saturday).

I was planning to leave Columbus today, but Jay and I haven't hung out in maybe a year, so I decided I'll stick around for another day. Tomorrow I'll probably try to make my way to a truck stop on the west side of town and wait for someone to offer me a ride at least 1,000 miles west/northwest. (No Kansas!) But who knows if that's what I'll actually do.

I do like the idea of getting really far from home ASAP this time because I won't end up having to take the same route out and back like I did on Leg 1.

* * * * *

Jeff Buckley was so amazing. His voice was beautiful and his songs are incredible. Even the songs he covered are better than the originals, which is even more impressive because he covered really great songs like Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Beautiful as it is, Cohen's original version can't even touch Jeff Buckley's cover.

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