Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I am sending this from

I am sending this from my phone. It is just a test.

Aimless side effects

When I finish this adventure, I will have the baddest-ass calf muscles you've ever seen. All this walking with an additional 1/3 of my body weight upon my back has put a lot of new muscle on my legs. There's new muscle on my upper body, too, but not to the extent that there is on my legs.

I noticed yesterday that my ankle feels a lot better, at least in the spot where it has been hurting since December 16, when I dislocated it and likely tore a ligament. There is still a lot of pain when I walk long distances, but long walks make me hurt everywhere. I think I strained another part of the same ankle when I was in Yellow Springs, but that was one of those things that probably only lasts a week or two.

I've had a lot of numbness and swelling in my feet and hands. I wouldn't think it's anything serious, but it's pretty constant, so I worry about it a little bit. Knowing my luck, I'll probably have to get my feet amputated when I'm done with this.

Billy made some awesome spaghetti sauce last night, along with linguine. I would like to make these guys some pizza while I'm here. (Billy has two roommates: Daniel and Joe.) I also went down to the steam room and hot tub with Billy for a while last night. I love hot tubs. There is also a very nice pool here, as well as a sauna, I think. Steam room was a first for me. It feels kind of strange in there.

Don't forget about my lady in the black Pathfinder, Yellow Springers. I'm counting on you. I'm sure it's the only black Pathfinder in town, and she spends plenty of time on Xenia Avenue, so you've got to see her once in a while. I think I forgot to mention the look she gave me in the previous post about her, but it was one of those looks. I gave her the same look, and we both know it. The problem is, I can't reach her from here without your help.

The Quasi-Aimless Trailer