Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stop killing yourself

If there is one blog post I ever wanted you to read and remember, this is it. I know it may sound like I'm trying to sell you something, but I'm not. I just want to help you figure out what makes you hurt all the time, so you can start feeling better like I have.

Do you feel like shit all the time, in a bunch of different ways? For example, do you regularly experience any or all of the following problems?
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • headaches
  • athlete's foot
  • toenail fungus
  • confusion
  • loss of coordination
  • "brain fog"
  • nausea
  • sinus infections, pressure, and pain
  • rashes or other skin disorders
  • unexplained pain
  • fatigue
  • tender throat
  • jaw pain
  • vision disturbances
  • numbness
  • tooth pain
  • thrush
  • yeast infections
Are you taking a million different prescription medications that all seem to hurt you more than they help you? Do you often wonder if your doctor is a total moron?

Well, maybe you have a Candida overgrowth.

Most people have never heard of Candida overgrowth, yet it's slowly killing most of us, or at least decreasing our quality of life. Most of the illnesses we all have nowadays are not illnesses at all; they are symptoms of Candida overgrowth. The drugs our doctors keep giving us only make the problem worse, especially if the drugs are antibiotics, because most prescription drugs only target symptoms, not the underlying problem.


Yes, antibiotics kill harmful bacteria inside us, but they also kill the beneficial bacteria our bodies absolutely need, which opens the door for Candida albicans, an opportunistic fungus that already lives inside everyone, to take over our bodies and make us miserable FOREVER.

After months of misery, I've been on a Candida detox diet for about a week now, and I feel tons better. I'm nowhere near healed yet, but I feel so much better physically and mentally because I stopped feeding the yeast that has taken over my body.

I created a new blog last night to chronicle my battle with Candida so people can understand what the whole process is like. If you feel like shit all the time, spend at least several hours checking into Candida and read my new Candida blog to get an idea what you might expect to experience if you attempt Candida detox. This may be the most important thing you've ever read.

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Don't forget to turn out the lights

Yeah, so um, I think Aimless is done, perhaps excluding the book I've sorta been writing.

Tomorrow will mark three years since the idea for Aimless came to me, and that's just too much time to devote to something that will never be anything. Besides, I'm pretty caught up in this new anti-Candida diet and lifestyle, so I don't know if I'd be willing to hit the road again at all this year, even if NBC called me right now and offered me big bucks to do it. I've tried to make this thing grow, and some other people have helped me try to make this thing grow, but it hasn't happened and it's not going to happen.

For the first time in six or seven months, my head doesn't hurt, nor do I feel all spacey and confused, and making that problem go away for good is the most important thing in my life right now. The absence of major head pain is just the beginning, though. Now that I understand why my head hurt so bad for so long, I want to devote at least a few months to fix the problem permanently, so I can eat pizza and cereal and ice cream again without worrying that it will put me in misery.

I'll probably still write some stuff here, which may or may not be Aimless-related, but I've lost interest in killing myself to entertain no one while remaining broke. However, if you've been a regular reader of this blog for a while, you probably already know I'm going to end up changing my mind and hitting the road again, and going crazy again, and getting an endless headache again, and failing to turn this into something people know about AGAIN.

No, I don't think that's going to happen this time.

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