Thursday, March 08, 2007

Response to trailer comments

First of all, thank you everyone! Thank you for hanging around, thank you for waiting for the movies to load, thank you for your feedback, and thank you for giving my ego a boost.

Regarding the Pink Floyd tune: I don't think you can hear it (or notice it) without headphones, but Pink Floyd's "Any Colour You Like" was playing in the background of the restaurant where the "interview" took place. When I began editing everything, I was going to cut that clip right after I say, "...and I don't think he believed me," then include a split second of black space before continuing with the "AIMLESS" signs (with the music as it is). But after I watched it some more, I realized that the timing of my words was almost perfectly aligned with the change in the music in the restaurant. So I decided to let the clip of me continue all the way to, "...stop somewhere where they can get gas, while I get..." [AIMLESS] [AIMLESS] [AIMLESS]. I doubt that I could have planned it half that good. I think the Pink Floyd song is just about perfect for that sequence, too, for so many reasons.

Come on, Jay... You don't know the second song?!? Hell no, it's not Jeff Buckley. It's Harry Nilsson, the song from Midnight Cowboy. I love that song. Whenever I hear it, I can't help but picture Jon Voight riding a bus from Oklahoma (or wherever) to New York, so I had to use it.

Interestingly, though, that short clip of Memphis probably shows the spot where Jeff Buckley died. And when we were driving over that bridge, I pointed over there and told the trucker that's where my favorite musician died. Then I told him the story of how he died.

Who's holding the camera? In the restaurant sequence, Jeff's good friend Don MacKay operated the camera while Jeff and I talked. In the shots that show me waiting by the on-ramp, I "staged" the scene by placing the camera in various spots on the ground, or sometimes on the concrete barrier. Unless there is something I can't remember, the rest of the shots of myself are simply an arm's length away, like the final clip, where I say, "It looks like I'm not gonna be where I'm trying to be... when I want to be there."

Anonymous: What's Digg?

I wish I could post the trailer without all the compression and stuff. It makes a big difference. Whenever I figure out how to burn it to DVD, I'll try to get copies to anyone who would like a copy. If I have to mail any, I may ask for a small donation just to cover shipping. We'll see.

Also, the movies display darker on PCs than on Macs, which affects several of the clips pretty severely. I should be able to fix that pretty easily, but I kinda don't feel like it right now.

Lots more to say, but I think I'll stop for now. Again, thank you everyone.