Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bucks and Springs

Good job, Buckeyes.

Wow, Troy Smith is one bad-ass motherfucker. He was already nearly unstoppable on the ground, but he doesn't even have to run the ball anymore because he keeps throwing lasers to Teddy Ginn and Anthony Gonzalez. With Smith's precision passing and Ginn's blazing speed, it'll be hard for anyone to challenge the Buckeyes this year, even though their defense still looks pretty flaky.

Now on to the Bengals. Are they as good as they looked in the preseason? I suspect yes. (Man, that's freaky!) Their defense played like shit toward the end of the season last year, but they seem to have stepped it up since then. Carson Palmer seems unfazed by his career-threatening injury, and he has an arsenal backing him up on offense. I hope they get ahead big early in the game today because I don't feel like paying attention to a full three hours of NFL football. (I'm drained after yesterday's huge game in Austin.)

I think I'm going to head to Yellow Springs later today, although I'd love to sit here and write a handful of new blog entries. Dave Chappelle and Co. have organized an extension to this weekend's Blues Fest in YSO, which was originally only supposed to be Friday and Saturday. Erykah Badu is performing tonight, along with a few other bands. Although I am not familiar with any of her stuff (or any of the other performers), this event presents a good chance for me to get out and have a good time with good people.