Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cops are no fare

As far as I can recall, only two cops have ever given me rides anywhere. They were both in Tennessee: 1) Last Tuesday near Dandridge; and 2) Last Christmas Eve near Lexington. I didn't want the X-mas Eve ride, but I was illegally walking beside I-40 (as shown at the very end of the Quasi-Aimless trailer), so I didn't have much of a choice there. Those are also the only cop encounters I've had in TN. (Yes, the subject line is a pun and it was very intended.)

Fear & honesty

I'm beginning to think the availability of mobile blogging is taking away from the documentary because if I couldn't mobile blog, I would spend more time talking to the camera, sharing my thoughts and emotions with the eventual viewers. When I blog, I don't talk to the camera. I don't know; I just feel like I'm not doing it right sometimes. But then if I fill up 200 tapes with just about anything, I'll almost certainly end up with some kind of presentable story. That's the genius of this project.<br><br>I know I come off like an asshole with some of the stuff I write, but I absolutely have to do it. If I don't, I'm only sharing half of the story: the side that makes me look like a heroic protagonist. Now, I admit I am a very nice guy, but I'm not perfect. Aimless is an honest story, and one of the things that will make it great is that honesty. Honesty is compelling; if not in the real
world, certainly on your TV screen. It's something we rarely see. (Watch Chappelle on Actors Studio.)

Is atrophy the word?

I think all this lazing around the last few days has made some of my new leg muscle (of which I'm so proud) disappear. I've probably put on a few lbs, too, thanks particularly to the pizza I mega-chowed on earlier today. It's funny how all the hard work can all be for nothing if you're not careful. I better not eat much the next couple days because I want people in YSO to notice the difference when I show up there.<br><br>Does html work when I use tags this way? If so, there should be more than one paragraph here. If not, you have already seen the tags not working. (Don't answer my question; it was like rhetorical or something.)<br><br>Anything else to say? I still have a few hundred characters left.<br><br>I feel like I've been cheating on Miss Pathfinder simply by thinking about Lidia. Welcome to the lonely world of Aimless Ryan. What no one seems to realize is: That is precisely what
makes me such a good catch. Hey, I just want to find the right girl someday. Maybe it's one of them.

Well, my great uncle Fred Allan Sensabaugh dropped me off here at the TA truck stop (I-81, Exit 36) at about 3:45. Aunt Ann stayed at home, so I said goodbye to her there. I really like spending time with them, as do my parents. They'uns is good people. It's always kinda hard to leave them because they always make me feel so welcome. Understandably, Allan had a tough time just dropping me off at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere. (It's OK, Allan. I'm fine.) Well, it's time to try to get to Ohio now, so I gotsta go.

Time to leave TN

I should be gone already but I'm not. I'm waiting for Allan and Ann to get back with a pizza (which we will likely eat) before they take me to a truck stop or something. They spent most of this morning at church.

I'm just gonna try to get toward Dayton, Ohio, I guess, which shouldn't be too difficult because I'm probably about five hours away. Then, from somewhere in or near Dayton, I may walk to Yellow Springs. Hope I can get there by reasonably early Wednesday. I'll probably stay in YSO for a day or two before walking back home 41 miles or so. This time I'm going to try to walk that distance in only two days instead of the four days it took me to get to YSO when I started. That'll be good for me because I haven't walked much in the last ten days or so.

The Quasi-Aimless Trailer
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