Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I went to Dino's today, thinking I might actually talk to the girl I mentioned in my previous post. No girl. No talk. That kinda sucks. Maybe she'll somehow find her way to this web site. (Yeah, right.)

However, I did have a really cool 4-hour conversation with a guy named Steve, whom I'd seen around plenty of times but never met before today.

Well, I'm not leaving tomorrow. There are just too many things I still have to do, like pick up my prescription, which the pharmacy didn't have in stock and apparently has not received yet. Also, my folks offered to buy me a good backpack, so I'm going to look around for one tomorrow. A good backpack should give me considerably better mobility, thanks mostly to the even distribution of weight.

I could leave Friday, I think, but I'm considering attending a Cincinnati Reds game Saturday, mostly just to hang out with my uncle. Even though I was a Reds fan (and a fan of baseball) most of my life, I now refuse to attend MLB games because the players and owners have no respect for their fans (aka customers). Baseball lost my ass a few years ago when they narrowly avoided yet another strike. The pussy-ass, steroid-injecting players keep whining about how they don't make enough money, and the overprivileged owners keep whining about how they don't make enough money, even though none of them will ever have to worry about paying the bills on time. Meanwhile, their multi-million-dollar contracts are paid almost entirely by people who really are hurting for money, people who willingly give up half of their hard-earned paycheck just to take the family out to a stupid baseball game.

Sorry, but I just can't allow myself to contribute to your empire of greed.

However, I might make an exception this one time.

The Quasi-Aimless Trailer