Saturday, August 04, 2007

Can't say it all here

I did find somewhere to sleep last night in a park area near Fort Mason. I had to withstand some sprinkler action for a while, but my new tent stood up pretty well. Unfortunately this tiny tent may not have a long lifespan. (It was only $20.) When I woke up this morning there was a homeless guy reading at a picnic table near my tent. I went over and talked to him before packing up, then we ended up talking for a few hours before walking to a library grand opening together, where there was some free vittles. I also gave him $3 and some of my food because I'm living like a king compared to him. Shane is a friendly, smart guy; I think he'll find his way out of homelessness. I need to contact some camping/outdoors manufacturers and try to get minor sponsorships/endorsements or just some free gear, like a good tent, shoes, a better backpack, clothing, etc. I'd love it if some of my readers
would help me out by contacting some of them. Tonight I'll camp somewhere near the Golden Gate Bridge.

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docrivs said...

Another interesting story. I am glad that you went over to him and befriended him (or he, you).