Saturday, January 16, 2010

Channel 6 video

All right, here's the video of me on channel six from the Rose Bowl. I approve. The Gregory folks might like this one, too.

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Aimless Video Evidence


Mama J said...

Hey Ryan. It was a good video clip. be careful- you may get a following- LOL- literally. You know people like to do crazy things. Walking with a man walking across the prepared : )

Ryan M. Powell said...

I liked it, too. The cool thing about it is that some of the footage is from a year before I even met Clay. The shot of me holding the "HITCHHIKED 6,000 MILES FOR YOUR EXTRA TICKET" sign is from outside the LA Coliseum in September 2008. I noticed Clay checking out my sign that day, but I had no idea he had footage of me and my sign until I saw this video. I think that part meant the most to me, for reasons I can't necessarily explain.

By the way, Clay Hall is a very cool dude.