Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not a good start

Five or ten minutes after my folks dropped me off at a truck stop last night, I stepped in a hole and fell down. I twisted my right ankle, jammed my left thumb, and also jammed the second and third toes on my left foot. Probably broke something, but I'm out here trying to get a ride east anyway.


Claudia said...

Not good at all. I hope nothing is broken. If it is, I don't see how you can continue. Don't do it if you can't do it or are in danger.


ER said...

Wow Ryan, that's some bad luck right there. You okay? Why didn't you tweet it out when that happened? When something noteworthy happens, good or bad, give it a tweet. I'm following you now, and I tweeted about your walk. I only have 95 followers, but one of my followers who has 212 followers re-tweeted it. So there's 300+ people who know have the opportunity to know about your walk. TWEET, TWEET, TWEET! You're using Tweet Deck, right?

Hey, I bet you could even use Twitter to find rides out to the coast if you tweet where you are and that you're looking for a ride.