Sunday, September 07, 2008

Good tramp

After a cheap lunch at a Taco Bell near USC yesterday, I was down to my last $5. Following lunch, I went to a USC library for a few hours to charge up and get some wifi, then began walking toward Warner Bros. Studios, even though I don't plan to go there until tomorrow. Walking up Vermont from Washington to Los Feliz, I figured I'd try to sleep in Griffith Park, but I got stuck in some wealthy neighborhood way up in the hills. Fortunately, after a resident stopped to talk to me, I learned of a way into the park from the neighborhood, so there I slept. --> This morning I tried to find an off-ramp ASAP so I could make some money. The first ramp I found was in Hollywood, at Franklin & Vine. It didn't seem to be a good ramp when I arrived, but in an hour I made $26, holding a sign that says 'PLEASE HELP A HUNGRY TRAVELER - THANK YOU.' I think I made all but one of those dollars in the first
35 minutes. Now it's time for donuts. --> Notice the Capitol Records building in the pic behind me.


Anonymous said...

Hey old friend...Joe Sacco here. I'm glad to see that you are still on the road.

I am well.

Besides sending money (cause I am broke and unemployed at this time), how can I help with your film???

My email:

Hope to hear from you.


revolution said...


Ryan M. Powell said...

Wow, Joe Sacco!!! That sucks about no job. Well, at least you know how and where to dumpster dive. You can always try flying a sign, too. As you obviously know already, I've recently found that it works very well if you don't look like you'll shoot the money up your arm.

I've been thinking I'll probably show up in Vegas within a couple weeks. If and when I do, I'll surely head straight for the Coffee Bean on Maryland Parkway. So maybe I'll see you there, eh.

Ryan M. Powell said...

Lew, you know I didn't forget to write "God Bless" on my sign.