Saturday, January 12, 2008

The people you meet

I'm uploading a new video as I write this. By the time anyone reads this, it should be fully uploaded, so here's the link.

I still plan to make some minor changes, but mostly I think this video is already presentable. It's hard for me to tell how presentable it is right now, though, because I did the whole thing over the last 8 or 10 hours. One thing that's really bugging me is that the camera lens was visibly dirty throughout most of this stuff. More about it soon.

Aimless Video Evidence
You can contact me at 614-738-3867.


Badger said...

That was awesome man. Thanks for posting it.

Been lurking here for a while and had to chime in cause of the quality of these videos. You've got something here. Glad to hear you plan on hitting the road again too. So cool.

Brad Perkins said...

I would say second best so far, first being the Irishman. I would cut out the part where you were walking to the train, all it shows is your feet and the audio is soft and garbled.

Looking forward to the next clip.

Ryan M. Powell said...

Thanks yous guys.

Welcome, Badger. (Are you "MTB" in disguise?) I really appreciate the ego boost and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Brad, thanks for the critique. I thought about cutting the walking part. I may have actually done it; can't remember. But if I did cut, I quickly undid the cut and left it in. I'll probably cut several seconds of that, now that you mentioned it. I think I'm also going to cut the part at the very end, where "Bill" says something about having found an open boxcar. I'll move that to the beginning of the next video. (Bill's name is actually John.)

I'm surprised you like the Irishman video better. I think that stuff is pretty interesting, but there is no action, no law-breaking, no "Oh Shit" factor.

I'm gonna start working on the next video in a minute. I plan to put this one to music--a piece of music I think is perfect for the content. Again, thanks for the input, yous guys.

(Judging by the time of your comment, Badger, I'm thinking you probably are MTB.)

badger said...

Haha, yep, MTB here.