Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wow, what a game!

If you didn't watch the Fiesta Bowl last night, you missed one great football game. Even though I don't follow either Oklahoma or Boise State, I was looking forward to seeing that game because I had a feeling the "mid-major" Boise State--12-0 entering the game--stood a very good chance at beating a very solid Oklahoma team. Well, the game most certainly did not disappoint.

Boise State started quick and took a 14-0 lead on the favored Oklahoma Sooners. (Expecting their team to win easily, Oklahoma band members were visibly in a state of shock.) Eventually the Boise State Broncos built a comfortable lead at 28-10 pretty late in the game. But after Oklahoma scored a touchdown and a field goal, all they needed to tie the game was another touchdown and a 2-point conversion. Well, they did it. Then, with only 1:02 remaining in the 4th quarter of the 28-28 game, BSU's quarterback threw a horrible pass from about his own 20 yard-line, which an Oklahoma defender intercepted and returned for a touchdown to give Oklahoma a 35-28 lead.

Game over, right?

No. But I'll spare you the details. I mean, if you really care about what happened, you probably watched the game.

Anyway, Boise State ended up winning the game in overtime, 43-42, after some really ballsy play calls. None better than the final play, though, which was a 2-point conversion. If you haven't seen it yet, tune in to ESPN News or catch the game when it hits ESPN Classic. The 2-point conversion was beautiful.

Although the Fiesta Bowl was a great game, watching the second half became almost unbearable because the Fox Network decided viewers needed to watch commercials non-stop instead of football. Before overtime even began, the Fiesta Bowl lasted almost 4 hours. Sometimes games just end up extremely long due to extended reviews, numerous incomplete passes, and whatnot, but this game was not like that. This game lasted nearly an hour longer than most games simply because Fox kept interrupting the game to show five minutes of commercials again and again.

Fuck you, Fox. You are ruining everything, and I hope it backfires on you. In fact, you've already made up my mind not to watch the next two BCS bowl games.

In related news, I was in the vicinity of the stadium that hosts the Fiesta Bowl and the national championship game just a couple weeks ago. As I sat on an I-10 guardrail next to the Agua Fria River in Avondale, Arizona, looking at the Arizona Cardinals stadium from a few miles away, a Highway Patrol officer told me I was not allowed to walk next to the interstate. So I left the interstate.

More about that soon.


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